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Chloe’s Intimate Insights is a CherryDTV section run by Chloe Pillans, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Trainer and Tantric Maven.

Chloe’s Intimate Insights is comprised of 4 sections:


Chloe began her professional career at 18 years old as a professional Dominatrix, who worked alongside Sydney’s best Professional Mistresses and Professional Submissives from the prestigious Salon Kitties. She was trained in safe, sane, consensual practices and delivered the highest quality sessions for her loyal and devoted clients inside the Temple 22 dungeon. After the closure of Temple 22, Chloe, also known as Mistress Arabella toyed with working independently but found the lone wolf life as a Domme didn’t work for her. Chloe then pursued the study of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. She studied and practiced with the best training company in the world,  The Tad James Company. After two years of study, training and assessments she was awarded Master Trainer of NLP and Trainer of Hypnotherapy. Chloe’s passion for NLP and Hypnotherapy began with her interest in human behaviour from her sex work and the infinite potential of the human mind. Chloe’s interests extend into ethnopharmacology, philosophical theology, religious and spiritual theology.

SW TIPS contains blogs about advice for entering and navigating the adult industry.

COUPLES contains blogs alive advice for building and maintaining strong loving relationships.

FANTASY is an index of blogs about knowledge gained from Chloe’s years inside the BDSM industry.

SACRED SEX are a collection of blogs on how to approach sex in a sacred and holistic way that is nourishing and healthy for the body.