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Question & Answer –

28 May , 2019   Video

Because YOU ASK these questions regularly, I decided to ANSWER them…

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions across my social media on a daily basis. If I did not answer a question in this video that you may have and you would really like to know the answer then you can drop it in the comment section below.

You want me to show my feet and my ass? haha
Who was your first crush?
When did you lose your virginity and how was it?
What made you get into what you do online?
I’m a french man with a 2.36 inch penis would you try?
Why do you strip?
Am I a lesbian?
What’s your type?
What’s more important love or other things in life?
Based on features and looks… what is your type?
Best place to get lingerie?
Favourite alcohol?
How often do you drink?
What is your biggest motivation in life?

I hope you enjoy this video, lots of love Cherryd xx


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