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Miss Kellie Panther 😈 -“Cherry’s pick of the week”

1 Aug , 2019  

@Panther_4 is sweet, sassy and definitely naughty!

Find out just how naughty she can be πŸ˜‰ https://www.cherrydtv.com/miss-kellie-panther-just-might-be-australias-most-naughtiest-environmental-scientist-😈/

Miss Kellie Panther

Model Stats:

Name: Kellie Panther
Location: Melbourne
Age: 25
Starsign: Leo
Occupation: Stripper and Onlyfans subscribers platform

Social media links:
Instagram: @panther_4 https://www.instagram.com/panther_4/?hl=en
Twitter: @kelliepanther_4 https://twitter.com/kelliepanther_4?lang=en

How do you know Cherry? 
She’s my sexy Internet friend! Hopefully we will meet in person soon. Look out Instagram ;p

How would you describe yourself out of the following SWEET, SASSY or SEXY?
Haha all of the above

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Are you currently studying or are wanting to study something in particular in the near future? 
I actually have a degree in environmental science and half way through my masters in conservation.

What do you like about where you work?
All the sexy ass naked women I’m surrounded by. Also I get paid to do lesbians shows. So I pretty much have the best job in the world!
I also like the money and all the amazing regulars who make me feel so loved and special πŸ’•
What was your worst job and why?
Being a cashier at Red Rooster when I was younger. I couldn’t stop eating the chicken for every meal. πŸ˜‚

What is something about yourself that most people are generally intrigued by?
Would have to be my tattoos. Every tattoo on my body tells a story or has a memory. I have half my body in colour and the other half in black. It would take me hours to explain my tattoos to you.
What is the coolest thing in the city you live in that not many people know about? 
The area I live in. So it’s an hour out of Melbourne and it is the most amazing rainforest you have ever seen.
I live right in the middle of the mountain range and have a creek across the road. There is also an old steam train you can take through the mountains. It’s honestly the best part of where I live.

Best place you have travelled to and why?
Japan!!!!! I’ve been so many times. I love the fashion, food, culture, snow and people. It’s my dream land.
What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? 
To not give a fuck what people think of you!

Miss Kellie Panther

If you were stuck in the elevator and was forced to listen to only one song on repeat, what would it be? 
OMG this is so hard! I’ll have to say tool lateralus.

Do you have a pet/pet’s? If so tell us a little about them…
I have 2 cats and a bird.
One black cat called Pluto who is my boyfriend. One white cat Clara who is the most sweetest little angel. Then a little shit lorikeet called Dexter. Who is actually a girl but I didn’t know that when I named him. So he’s just trans πŸ˜‚
What is your favourite feature about yourself? 

What do you find most attractive in other women? 

What is your favourite outfit to wear daily vs your favourite outfit for a first date?
Anything pink or just being naked πŸ˜‰

What is your ideal first date? 
For someone to cook me food! I get turned on by having food cooked for me.

What do you notice first in a guy that you like?
 His humour 😊

Which is the best social media platform to find you on? 
Instagram @panther_4 or for my nudes onlyfans πŸ™‚

What are your turn on’s and turn off’s for guys? 
Turn on’s would be some form of talent like a musician or artist. Turn off’s boring people!

What is the most important thing that guys should understand about a girl, and it seems to you that they do not understand? 
Every woman is different when it comes to orgasms. Not all vaginas like the same thing and you need to take the time to learn what please everyone individually.

If you could change ONE thing about men, what would it be? 
For those who don’t treat women with respect. I know most of you are good with this 😊

What have you learned from your past relationship? 
To not date a jealous person when you are a sex worker.

Are girls seriously expecting an honest reply to β€œdoes this make me look fat?”
Hahahahahahahaha honest meaning “No babe you look hot as”!
If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 things what would they be?
A good companion who is sexually experimental as me. A pet cat. Some carbs. Pasta, pizza! 

What size are your boobs? 

What do you want to say to a guy every time he asks if he can touch your boobs? 
Depends on who it is. If I like them, go for it. I love having my boobs touched but if I don’t you then don’t ask.

Kellie Panther

How long do you spend getting ready to go out? 
30-45mins max

Can and do you cook, if yes.. tell us about your best meal you can cook? 
I can make a mad veggie lasagne.

The best pick up line a guy used on you? 
When I was in Greece I asked a cafe guy for the wifi code. His reply was “my phone number” hahaha.

What should a guy never say to a girl?
Never have an issue with a messy anal πŸ˜‚
Is there ever a good time to send a dick pic or are they all as reviled as the Internet makes them out to be? 
I love a good dick pic from any guy I’m seeing or if I send a nude then it’s safe to send a dick pic.

Why are a lot of women offended by the word β€œcunt,” but others throw it out there all willy nilly?
Cunt means bro to me. 

When should a guy give up on chasing you?
Never if his worth it.

What is the worst part about dating?
Wasting your time with boring people

Do you stare at a guys crotch like they stare at your boobs? 

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Miss Kellie Panther

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Lot’s of love, Cherry Dana xx

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