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Gorgeous George Hospital Update

Gorgeous George Hospital Update

For some who may not have noticed I have been fairly quiet for the past few days.
Those of you who do know why, are aware that this is because George fell very ill a few days ago.
On Friday he had to be hospitalised.

Save Gorgeous George

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George’s Medical History

Meeting George for the first time:

George was such a happy and energetic puppy but he had issues keeping his meals down. He would vomit- anywhere from 3 – 6 times a day.
After a few trips to the local vet, we discovered George was born with a condition known as Persistent Right Aortic Arch. Basically, an embryonic branch of the aorta fails to regress and is wrapped around the oesophagus when a puppy or kitten is born. This puts pressure on the tube, preventing the passage of food in the oesophagus when the pet eats, causing regurgitation.

George was 12 weeks old and weighed 5kgs which was under weight for his breed “Bull Arab x Staffy”.

George had to be spoon fed, standing up on his hind legs which meant he had to have smaller meals every 1 – 2hrs. With surgery there was a 90% chance of recovery and living a longer life. If left untreated George would more than likely suffered from pneumonia or aspiration and more than likely would not have survived!

George’s surgery turned out better than anticipated.

Thanks to the team at ARH Vets.

Over the past 4 years George has experienced bouts of vomiting which have led to an over night stay in hospital for aspiration.

Abdominal Pain

Early Friday morning around 5am George was showing signs of pain.
George wasn’t moving much, just standing still and crying. He wasn’t sitting, his tail was between his legs and he looked in pain.
After calling around to a few local vets, I was finding that most were fully booked out so I took him to the Emergency Hospital. The staff here have seen George a few times in the past.

George’s symptoms were that he had a bit of a temperature and was a little backed up at the time. It was put down to a sore belly from getting his paws on a box of treats the day prior.
George was given pain relief and we went home.

It didn’t take long for a bad reaction to the pain meds to start. George’s heart rate, breathing, pain and salavating had increased dramatically.

After waiting 1.5hrs which no decrease in those symptoms we returned to the vet.

Mid Day on Friday George was admitted with abdominal pains. After being sedated for testing and vomiting from an anti nausea medication George’s condition shortly escalated to Pneumonia.

George had to be oxygenated on both Friday and Saturday. His breathing has gradually improved the past few days but his pain doesn’t appear to have decreased.
Today he is now coughing up brown fluid and is still having abdominal pain. We are yet to find a main reason for it but started treating one highly possible cause today (Oesophagitis).
X-rays have shown that the 3 chambers in George’s right lung are full of fluid. He has been on Antibiotics for 3 days now. I am hoping the antibiotic for the Oesophagitis relieves his inflammation to give him a better fighting chance against his Pneumonia.

George Comes Home

Yay, I am so grateful right now.. I got to bring “Gorgeous George” home. The doctors felt George was ready to come home and recover from his pneumonia in a place he felt more relaxed in.

My letter to George

To my little stinky butt, Gorgeous George!!

Where to start.. you are my best friend, my side kick and you are always by my side.
You have been my shoulder to cry on.. actually you are probably the only one who actually listens to me (even though you roll your eyes and sigh at me, I know you are listening)
but most of all
You are well known for being my cheeky photo and video bomber!

Even if people haven’t met you, they have so much love for you.
You have captured the hearts of so many people world wide.

I know most people have messaged me over the years wishing they were you after watching all the “GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS VIDEOS”.
People wanted someone to wake up that happy to see them.. little do they know you were the reason I was so happy in those videos.

You have admirable qualities that not even money could buy in most people.

Without you by my side right now, what once felt like a home now feels like a lonely house.
You are more than just a dog you are an uplifting energy in my life.

We saved each other.
You are my baby boy, I would move mountains for you.

For a dog who has experienced so much pain in his life with sickness, you have so much love to give.
You are stronger than most people even when I can see how scared you are.

I want nothing more than to be by your side 24/7 through this hard time.
I love you so much, please come home.

I want to thank everyone who has messaged me
across my different social media platforms, you are too kind ❀️

I’ll make sure George gets your hugs and kisses that have been sent through 😘



24 Responses

  1. Erick says:

    Have seen you and George go through his life together. Max has been my battle buddy and now he and I are retired. Poop puppy is strong still and get to just be a pup. I know how George has kept you up and happy. Max does the same. Max watches all the George stories and has a goody look but he and I are glad he is home and send love and prayers that he kicks this in the ass and gets his puppy self back to bombing your photos and videos soon.

    • Dana grigg says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. haha i’m glad max enjoys George’s videos πŸ˜›
      He is slowly recovering, he just needs rest and medication. a little change to his lifestyle and mine with feeding for him but he is coping well

  2. Ricardo says:

    I know how much having a dog around can truly change a person, seeing how far he has come i am glad he is doing better, keeping you and him in my thoughts.

  3. Chris says:

    This update has made my day! Having rescued and lost a pet myself after i few years i know how you must feel. My fingers are crossed that George’s recovery is a speedy one and can’t wait to open up one of your platforms on social media to once again hear “good morning gorgeous george”, my days haven’t been the same without them. Thinking of you two. Xo

  4. PatsFor7 says:

    Prayers for the gorgeous George! I’m sending prayers to you too Dana! Hope everything goes well! ❀️

  5. Melvin says:

    Will be praying for George

  6. Jeffrey says:

    So glad to hear that George appears to be doing well. Hopefully that can get a diagnosis and treatment figured out soon. Thinking of you and good boy George.

    • Dana grigg says:

      Well ah yeah he is a little better with breathing, I transfered him to a bigger/ better sydney vet who are experienced in his pre existing condition.
      They are still under going tests. He is in a much better recovery environment there.

  7. Mike says:

    That “home now feels like a lonely house” line, I can relate to it very much. My dog Charlie was taken by canser a few years ago, and it’s astonishing how “too quiet” a home can be. I hope your best buddy George makes a quick recovery and can come home soon. He always seems so happy in your posts on the socials!

    • Dana grigg says:

      I am really pushing for it. i can;t even get him oxygenated atm. i’m trying to chsnge him hospitals and its impossible in his condition and being the long weekend

  8. Terry Les says:

    I pray that he makes a quick recovery and that he comes home soon! Xoxo πŸ’—

  9. Freddy says:

    Healing vibes for George and best wishes and support for you.

    My Furbaby and I are wishing a speedy recovery for George

  10. Kai says:


  11. K.C. says:

    I am sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your best friend George.

  12. K.C. says:

    I am sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your best friend George.

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