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Online lingerie shopping haul- UNDER $20

I found trending online bargains for lingerie under $20.
Now I have to brag about it!!!
I have searched online high and low to find new and cheap items regularly for photoshoots that I can create content in.

Lingerie Under $20…

Who would have thought that was even possible to find in popular and current trends for soooo cheap.

The below video shares my online shopping secrets!!

These are all the items I purchased, all for under $20 each.

Online Lingerie, all under $20!!!
Recently I purchased a few items from a new website I stumbled across.

Shein is great!!!
You can pretty much find just about anything on this website for Women, Men and kids.
They are constantly run discounts and sending coupons to users.

My size ranges from XS-S Cup: 10D Height: 157cm
(sizes of the outfits I purchased)

The first lingerie set is the emerald green cut out bra, which fit well and looked great on.
This set has become a popular choice on Instagram. I found one online shop selling this exact same set for $70.
I couldn’t believe it as I had only spent $20 for the exact same set.

The green full piece has to be my favourite. It has a high cut waist which helps to accentuate shorter legs.
It is a perfect choice for shorter people who love to appear taller.
This piece must be washed in a washing bag to stop the stretch elastic from fraying.

The red and white lace set looked great on. The garter belt that came as an accessory is a bit different to most other belts. It works great for photos, not a great choice for functionality.

The leopard print outfit was my least favourite set.
The set was a good quality, I just found it didn’t fit me in all the right areas. The top gapped and the bottoms were a bit saggy around the back.

If you are looking for past photoshoot outfits of mine, be sure to check out my DEPOP

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