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What Cherry Dana wants in the bedroom..

6 Aug , 2019  

Cherry Dana knows exactly what she wants in the bedroom.
Find out what really turns her on and what she dislikes.

Read more to find out what she really wants!!!!

well here is the goss πŸ˜‰

What is it that Cherry Dana really wants in the bedroom..

Let me share with you what it like to be in the bedroom with me.
What are my turn on and turn off’s by a guy.

My likes vs dislikes

What does the Cherry- meter say?

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves and jump to the conclusion that I am plain old vanilla. I am definitely not, I like the hair pull and subtle choke with in reason
Don’t expect me to strap a dildo on and go to town on you, let you suck my toes, take the dirt track or face fuck me.

Let’s get naked!!!

Well, that is what my neon sign above my bedhead reads, so it must be for a reason πŸ˜›

What Cherry likes in the bedroom

*Soft kisses on my neck and ear
*I love to cuddle but I generally prefer to sleep with no one touching me.
*When someone brings me coffee in bed in the morning (this has only happened a few times haha)
*If my legs aren’t shaking then you haven’t finished the job
*Guys with experience
*I like doggy
*I like to be moved around in different positions, don’t treat me like I am a limber pretzel but I am mobile enough to change into certain positions.
*When a guy helps clean up his mess afterwards or catches it during the app.

My Dislikes in the bedroom

*Morning breath- spoon me or take me doggy, just don’t breathe on me

*I have bad leg circulation so my legs go numb after a while if they are on a guys shoulders
*When you are in doggy position and the guy only half thrusts, most girls will understand what I mean by this.
*My A-hole is an exist only, please don’t try to your ram your zucchini in my dirt track.
I don’t mind a finger once in a blue moon if I am in the moon but I prefer to do the fingering 😈

*I don’t want to be a teacher in the bedroom, I am past my teens and 20’s so I do unfortunately have an expectation of knowledge of the years.
I prefer the guy to take charge and lead in the bedroom.

*NUMBER 1 pet peeve: when a guy EXPECTS a girl should be sucking his penis simply because she is on her period.
If she can bleed for 5 days without dying then you can go 5 days without a blow job without dying.
Firstly, what does any girl get out of this except for pleasing a nagging/ needy boyfriend with an involuntary act.
Secondly, she is already experiencing bleeding, migraines, cramps and hormone changes why add to her mess of a time.

*When a guy tells you when you are having sex together or what you should be doing to please him later on in the day. (not in the sense he is telling you what he likes with a certain sexual act)
*Don’t get up during sex to go get a towel after a girl squirts

PS: I love when you can do a photoshoot laying around.. haha it is almost effortles

Lot’s of love, Cherry Dana x

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14 Responses

  1. William says:

    Well gorgeous, love the bedroom pictures looking so sexy and amazing. Well I would say the bed must be more comfortable babe.

  2. Rob says:

    Any they both look good

  3. Kai says:

    Lot’s of love

  4. Kai says:

    Lot’s of love Wow bedroom pretty sexy

  5. Kai says:


  6. hurmat khan says:

    nice you are so hot and sexy fuck you millions time

  7. hurmat khan says:

    you re so hot sexy fuck you millions time……

  8. Love from N.Y. says:

    So, I guess I’ll give a proper response in saying you’re exactly the type of subtle freak I look for and I know from what I read and what i have to offer I’d have the ability to make your legs shake and who the Hell gets a towel after being squirt on? Female ejaculation is the best thing ever. I’ve had plenty of experiences and challenges from my old girlfriends and after break ups they would still want to fool around with me and stay the night…sometimes until the next night. And coffee in bed is nice but i do a full breakfast for the woman because a woman deserves to be pampered properly.

  9. Love from N.Y. says:

    Ok so I’ll answer this properly…you are the perfect type of subtle freak in the sheets I look for. I’ve always been “gifted” when it came to bedroom, kitchen, shower, car, etc. activity. My ex girlfriends have all told me and ive seen their legs quivering. One couldn’t stop after hours prior. And if you squirt on me that would make me go for more and not stop until there’s a pool in the bed. Contact me if you’re interested.

  10. Cedric says:

    I’ve been looking for a subtle freak in the sheets like you. I jave plenty of experience and i leave girls legs quivering. You squirt on me I go harder and can last as long as you want. That is a challenge so contact me.

  11. Cedric A Milne says:

    You would be completely satisfied with me from what my ex-girlfriends always keep contacting me after I break up with them. I am challenging you because I want to experience you experiencing me and enjoying it. Your legs will quiver gaurunteed and if/when you squirt it will just give me an adrenaline rush to go harder and then eat you out

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