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Miss Hunter D is the horniest girl I have ever met

18 Jul , 2019  

Miss Hunter D


Miss Hunter D

Miss Hunter D is the horniest girl Damn, you would not believe some of the wild stories Miss Hunter D has told me recently.
I visited Sydney this week and I met with Miss Hunter D for a interview (it really was a late night pizza date lol)
I managed to get all the goss about her sex life, relationships and what she likes the bedroom.
STAY TUNED the video is cuming soon…

Miss Hunter D

“Miss Hunter D” spills all of her past when it comes to her sex life and past relationships.

Sexual preference: Straight/Bi/Lesbian/not sure?
Straight but I have experimented with girls.. those stories are for another day 😉

Giving or receiving?
A bit from Column A and column B, I like to give back.. so that means I have to receive first.

Sex or Oral?
Why not both lol ;p

Miss Hunter D

Favourite sexual position?
Bent over the bed in doggy position but a lazy version haha

Does size
really matter?
I’m so sorry boys but yes , though keep in mind there are other things that also matter

What is it like having a vagina?
It is like being a magical goddess riding a unicorn daily until it decides to stab you with it’s horn and then you bleed for 5 days out of the month.

Do all girls secretly like BDSM?
I don’t know I’m not all girls but I wouldn’t say no to the idea ;p

Can you tell how experienced men really are?
I generally care more for if it feels good or not. Whether that comes from experience or not, I couldn’t really care.

How often do you masturbate?
Way too much, it could possibly be illegal. I can’t disclose that much right now, you will have to wait and watch my Q&A with Cherry that’s cuming soon ;p

How common is it for women to lie about their orgasms?
I can’t speak for other women but I don’t see a point in faking it because they will never learn how to please you to be able to get you off every time. 

Do you take it personally if the man you’re sleeping with can’t/doesn’t cum?

Miss Hunter D
Miss Hunter D
Miss Hunter D

When it comes to penis size, how small is too small and how big is too big?
There is never too big haha but there’s always too small

Do women like abs or arms more?
I prefer the face more, preferably a kind face which I judge by their eyes and smile.

Do girls find it attractive if a guy claims to have a lot of options?
If you are trying to talk to me than I don’t need to know about other options because I am well aware there is a sizeable community and would hope that your interest in me was based on more than just another option.

Should a guy pursue a girl who’s cancelled on him twice?
No, he should stop as she currently isn’t matching his effort.
I’m not saying she doesn’t want to match his effort, or that he should give up hope.. her reason may have easily been legitimate but right now for whatever reason she isn’t able to match his efforts.
He should let her know the door is open for her, for when she is ready.

Miss Hunter D

Do girls actually like dick pics?
Not unless I request it from someone I am seeing.

Is it okay to wake you up in the middle of the night for a sex session?
If you are my partner than yes, not if you are a stranger in my house though haha

Does a wedding ring on a guy stop you from flirting?
Yes, I find it so disrespectful for both his wife and towards him.

Most sexually excitable spot on your body?
I enjoy light touches on my neck.. my neck also extends down to my nipples haha

Why do women go to the bathroom together?And does anything noteworthy tend to happen in those ladies room meetings?
Haha in my experience I’ve seen for them to do makeup, drugs, talking about dicks or sneaking in alcohol.

Should a guy tell a girl I’m a virgin or just wing it?
If its important for you to be losing your virginity then yes you probably should tell her. It’s up to how you feel.

Do girls honestly like the nice guys?
No, but girls like honest guys that are genuinely nice.
The label “nice guy” seems to have taken an opposite meaning than the name suggests.
Many “nice guys” seem to believe that by showing the bare minimum of human decency, they are entailed to and owed sex from attractive women of their choosing.
If the woman isn’t interested, they are quick to assume victim mentality and maybe even blame being “too nice” the reason they were friend zoned instead of given the sex they deserved for their kindness. This is false entitlement and manipulation, not at all nice. A genuine nice guy treats everyone with equal respect and does nice things because he’s able to; Not because he’s expecting a reward.

Do girls enjoy giving blowjobs?
No. Not that act itself haha you don’t go around seeing a girl sit I n her room alone sucking g a dildo for fun ;p
Generally I find its a selfless act to show your partner you care and want to please them.

13. How does a guy politely ask for a blowjob?
You could bring up the fact that you know what you really love, when you do that thing it really turns me on.

Keep watching this space 😉
My naughty sex Q&A is cuming soon.

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