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No Boundaries, Baby!

Sydney photoshoot 2019

On my most recent trip to Sydney I had the opportunity to fit in a photoshoot. We had so much fun filming all the behind the scenes footage for you all.

On this same day we filmed my 120 sex questions videos, which will be coming soon to Cherrydtv 🙂

Here are some of my favourites

These are the final images from the photoshoot.

Swimsuit: Zaful / Jeans: Fashionnova

Which are your favourites?

To be continued.. in the VIP section 😉
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It was hard not to appreciate this view and use it for a photo oppurtunity

Swimsuit: Ohpolly/ Socks: Romwe / Viser: Kmart

Boob socks: Sex Museum New York / Skirt: Shein Top: Pretty little thing

There is always a excuse to have some fun and pop a bottle during a shoot… even if it tastes warm and gross haha

One piece: Pretty little thing / Stockings: Shein

Let me know which is your favourite below and what you would like to see next in one of my photoshoots.

Lot’s of love Cherry Dana xx

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  1. Mauricio de Jesús Mazo Cardona says:


  2. Paul Davis says:

    Very fit and hot

  3. clintdavi3s says:

    these are a new favorite

  4. Billminor says:

    Love to see more of

  5. Billminor says:

    Love ur stuff

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