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Sand between my…

8 Aug , 2019  

There is something relaxing about the feeling of sand in between your toes whilst enduring strong winds.
I can’t complain about the beachside views 😝.
Here is a look back at my most recent beach photoshoot with @Mrchanchui @Mzchanchui at Birubi Beach, NSW.

Sand between my…

Well I bet you can imagine where it ended up 😛.

We almost blew away getting these shots for the gram on the beach”

Take this advice – never do a photoshoot at the beach on a really windy day. Guaranteed you will end covered in sand from head to toe.
There is nothing worse than trying to apply baby oil for a sun kissed glow over a very sand textured skin base.
Also, if you paid for a Hair and Makeup artist prior to the photoshoot then you can kiss that money goodbye, that amazing glow and feeling you first get when you look in the mirror wont last long on a beach like this.

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What is your favourite colour? Mine is red 🙄

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To see just how windy it can get during a photoshoot check out the video below.

Behind the scenes snapchat footage filming at Birubi Beach, NSW.
Snapchat: Cherryd27

Sand between my “everything” and the photos still turned out amazing.

Thanks to the amazing team work of both Mrchanchui and Mzchanchui. They are an unbelievably creative and passionate duo that strive to deliver nothing but the best for their clients.
I have been lucky enough to team up with them on multiple occasions, in fact we shot my 2019 Calendar together featured below.

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How do you think the final video turned out in comparison to the behind the scenes footage featured above?


Would you like to see more collaborations in the future?

I hope you enjoyed this blog, for daily updates check out my Instagram @cherrydana27

Lot’s of love Cherry Dana x

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9 Responses

  1. C says:

    It looks like you had fun shooting “sand in your toes” video and you look gorgeous! Although you got sand blasted (I know that feeling it sucks) in “vitamin c” you’re incredibly sexy in that too. My favorite pic from that is the first one you used with the flower in your hair. Beautiful as always:)

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  3. John says:

    Absolutely Amaizing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. John says:


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  6. William says:

    Well hello gorgeous Dana, another amazing video sand between my, you are one amazing lady keep up all the great thing you are doing and can’t wait for more

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