Sexiest Calendar in 2019- Personally signed and sealed with a kiss πŸ’‹CherryDTV

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Sexiest Calendar in 2019- Personally signed and sealed with a kiss πŸ’‹

10 Aug , 2019  

Have you got your signed copy of Cherry Dana’s sexiest calendar in 2019?
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Sexiest Calendar in 2019!!!

This year’s sexiest calendar is a combination of Cherry’s online brand and her personal life. She really tries to show her audience a different side, a side that most online influencers are failing to do.
The production took around 2-3 months, this includes prep time, shooting, editing, print and promotion.
This is the first time an online influencer in this niche has chosen to incorporate family members for a personal touch.
Cherry really hope’s you love the calendar as much as she does.


The cover photo for the calendar was shot on a seperate day and by a local photographer @getrosy_.
You can see in the below video that it was fun creating the front cover of the calendar.

The not so sexy side to shooting a calendar πŸ˜›

Cherry Dana’s “Sexiest Calendar of 2019”

Get to know more about what’s inside the “Sexiest Calendar in 2019”

The inside of the calendar was photographed by Sydney photographer @mrchanchui, who specialises in Glamour photography.
Each month inside the calendar represents a new topic, here they are listed below:
January: The favourite for all Aussies “Australia Day”
February: One for the hopeless romantics “Valentine’s Day”
March: Cherry’s Birthday
April: For those who have a sweet tooth and celebrate Easter.
May: Cherry included her Mum and Grandma into this shot to help recognise the need to appreciate Mother’s Day.
June: International Lolly day
July: The 4th of July (majority of Cherry’s fanbase reside in America along with a lot of her close friends.
August: International Beer and nut day
September: Favourite things butt mainly booty
October: πŸŽƒ HalloweenπŸ‘»
November: Julia’s Birthday (Cherry’s adored sister)
December: Christmas and holiday time to spend with family and friends

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