Your Fanta-sy Girl

17 Jul , 2019  

Are you feeling thirsty? There is no better way to cool off when you don’t have a pool other than pouring a cup of water seductively over yourself :p Taste the rainbow ;p Lot’s of love, Cherry Dana xx

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BTS content creation for my social media ;p

28 Jun , 2019  

In other words, a “how to” for creating those popular insta hoe photos people froth and complain over ;p Joking, I’m not a insta hoe.. that’s just a social label for female influencers in 2019 by closed minded individuals. Photoshoots are my favourite because… I love doing shoots with other like minded creative artists, firstly […]

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“Girl next door” meets Hollywood

28 May , 2019  


Here are some teasers from my second ever photoshoot whilst travelling around the US. I have been fortunate enough to visit the US on 4 seperate occasions now. It has been such a pleasure to be able to work with amazing and talented people world widePhotographer: @hecturtle Video: @cesarcortesfilms Which is your favourite outfit, comment […]

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Dripping Gold

28 May , 2019  

Body Paint Livestream behind the scenes video and some of the final photos. Who would have thought this collaboration with the talented “Stevi Hopkins” a local makeup artist rom Newcastle and the amazing Shannon Rose “@getrosy_” would have turned out to be so much fun. If I was to be body painted again, which colour […]

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