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10 Ways You Are Using Tampons Wrong!

Using tampons is something you know like the back of your hand right?

You pop one in, wait four to six hours, pull it out and repeat. BUT – it turns out that many women and those alike are using tampons wrong and we are going to share with you 10 ways you may be using tampons wrong!

1. Two-Timing Your Tampons

We get it, you have a heavy flow; but putting two tampons in at the same time is never a good idea. In fact it is recommended that if you need two tampons, you should be using super size or larger tampons to cover your needs.

It is also recommended that if you are bleeding a lot and that is not enough simply by upgrading to a larger size you will need to make an appointment with your doctor because this could be a serious issue.

2. Sleeping With The “Enemy”?

If you are catching Z’s with your tampons then you are just asking for trouble. You are better off playing it safe by sleeping with a pad; or a menstrual cup which can be left in for up to 12 hours.

3. Lost? Perhaps You Need A Map.

If you’re having trouble getting a tampon in, take some time to look at some how to videos on YouTube or google some vagina diagrams and use a hand mirror to find your way around and even stick a clean finger inside and find your way.

4. Tampons On The Loose.

You are not alone if your tampons have escaped their packet and are on the loose throughout your handbag or purse. However, doing this actually can break the wrapper which results in damaging the tampons which need care and love.

Consider storing your tampons in a little packet or zip-lock bag in your purse so that they do not have a party behind your back next time you are out and about or worst get lost on your travels and try and sneak out of your handbag on a date!

5. Tick Tock. How Long Has It Been…

Keep an eye on the clock. It is important to change your tampon at least every eight hours to avoid developing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), which can be deadly according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Yes – it can be easy to forget so consider setting a timer on your mobile or watch so if you do forget you will know in around four to six hours from when you slipped the last tampon inside to do it’s job.

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6. Dirty Hands Before Insertion. Gasp!

Washing your hands before you get all up in there will not only give you peace of mind that the remains of that sushi or fried chicken doesn’t go on an unexpected journey, as well as prevent contaminating your tampons on their way to work.

7. Is It In?

Firstly – you should know when your tampon is where it should be because you will feel it doing its job. If you have inserted your tampon too shallow it will be super uncomfortable – you may even feel the cotton hanging out the “entrance”.

8. Wrong Absorbancy Level.

This is a common occurrence because knowing which tampons are right for you can be a challenge, with all the marketing noise and colorful packaging. We get it!

It is important to understand that tampons can cause Toxic Shock and that if you need Higher-Absorbency tampons this can also increase the risk of TSS, so you want to make sure that you use the right absorbancy level for your needs at the time.

9. The Apple A Day Rule, Does Not Apply When It Comes To Tampons.

Please do not try and stretch that packet you bought to last a week because you only have seven tampons left. Even with a light flow, you should change every four to eight hours, that is because a moist tampon makes a warm home for bacteria (yuck!).

Remember: The longer it is in there, the greater your risk of TSS.

10. Scented Tampons.

Sorry ladies, unfortunately the scents that are used on the “Scented Tampon” varieties can actually cause allergic reactions and the worst case scenario you may experience irritation and a sudden urge to itch. Unscented products are best.

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