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OnlyFans Tips for Beginners

Thinking about monetising your good looks and talent using the prevailing OnlyFans platform? 
There are some necessary things you need to know if you’re hoping to be successful – below are some helpful OnlyFans tips for beginners.   

Before the pandemic in 2019, OnlyFans averaged 3000 new users per week. 
Now, due to the current economic climate, popularity is ever increasing with 7000-8000 new creators joining per day! 

What does this mean for you?

Think about it like this, you’re a little fish in a massive pond, bombarded with other little fish who are all trying to swim to the top.  
In order for you to stand out from the rest, you need to treat OnlyFans like a serious business endeavour.  

It is true that you can make serious dollars, but if you’re joining with hopes that the money will just roll in with no effort of advertising and marketing on your end, you’ll be sadly disappointed.  

OnlyFans isn’t just for adult content 

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On OnlyFans you can create videos, photos and other content for a range of niches.  

The platform is not limited to adult content. OnlyFans is subscription-based which means you charge users a monthly fee to follow your account.  

You can also create exclusive content to sell to your subscribers 

Selling exclusive content can be very lucrative, especially for content creators with large engaged audiences.   

OnlyFans is known for its adult content, but it’s also used by content creators in other genres such as modelling, physical fitness, gaming, entertainment and cryptocurrency. 

 OnlyFans is designed as a hybrid of Patreon, Twitter and Instagram and most are unaware of its true potential.  

Developing your OnlyFans Strategy

1. Find your niche.

This is the most important aspect you need to consider. Your niche is how you develop your brand and your brand is ultimately you.  

A niche is your specific and unique differentiation.  
You can ask yourself: “What is my unique talent or skillset” 
“Who is my target audience?” 
“What is something that I can do that no one else is doing?” 
Finding and establishing your niche is how you set yourself apart from everyone else.  
Here’s an article link with in-depth considerations when finding and owning your niche.  

2. Creation and posting schedule.

Consistency is key when building your brand.  
It’s helpful to set aside specific days of the week to create your content and it’s a good idea to schedule your posts ahead of time to avoid the stress of remembering to post each day.

3. Advertising. 

If you’re not being seen, you’re not selling.  
Find out where your target audience likes to hangout online and create adverts there.  
You certainly don’t have to pay for advertising – you can get creative using social media platforms.  
Instagram is tricky but totally doable. Become familiar with the algorithm and use it your advantage.  
Twitter is a great place to start with advertising. Twitter is more NSFW friendly. Follow OnlyFans promo accounts, tag them and use hashtags that describe your content.  

4. Model your competitors.

Research fellow creators and model their business strategies to suit your desires.  
You can even pay for consultations from successful creators to help you upscale your business.  

Necessary Equipment

Ring Light

Good lighting is absolutely necessary.

Good lighting can turn an amateur video into one that looks high definition.

Invest in equipment that makes you look professional, you get a quick ROI

Light Boxes

The more light on you the better. Your audience buys from you because of you. They want to see you.

In addition, more light means your skin will be looking flawless.

Less shadows the better. Light hides flaws.


You are the star and messy background can be distracting.

The benefits of a backdrop means you can super-impose any type of image behind you, like a beach scene, luxurious bedroom or even inside a sports car.

Establish unwavering confidence 

Confidence is key! (unless your niche is insecurity) 
If you’re not a particularly confident person, that’s okay! Confidence is something that is learned, so act as if until you genuinely feel it. Also, your fans will help you grow your confidence by supporting your content.  
Your fans will want to see content that you’re genuinely passionate about making.  

Things to consider before making an OnlyFans 

Monthly Subscription Price

Make sure you set the right subscription price for the content you create. You can have a higher price and no PPV or you can decide to have a low-cost subscription but with weekly PPV content.  
At the end of the day, the choice is up to you and you can experiment until you find your perfect price point.  

Don’t expect quick growth in the beginning

Unless you have a large social media following already, don’t expect to be making thousands instantly.  
Anything that has ever been worth it, comes with hard work and your hard work will pay off if you continue to be consistent and put yourself out there.  

Consider that your family, co-workers and loved ones may see your OnlyFans content

If you’re worried about people close to you knowing about your OnlyFans, it may be better to tell them before they find out or stay anonymous. Don’t use your real name.  

Don’t ignore your fans on OnlyFans

Your fans are more than a financial support for you, they are real people with a genuine care and interest in you. Most fans will tip you for your time, so make time each day or each week to stay connected with your fans.

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We hope these tips have been of service to you and if you feel like we’ve missed any important points, please give us some feedback! We love to hear from you xx 

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