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6 Foods That Will Get You Back To Craving Sex

We are what we eat – but did you also know that what we eat also has a major impact on how horny we are. Long story short, food tops the list of potential ways to increase our sex drive so we’ve researched the what and the why and the how, because we want you to be happy in the bedroom, and that makes this vital information(craving sex).

1. Oysters 

We’ve all heard people joking about their aphrodisiac powers, but it’s actually true: oysters are amazing for kickstarting libido. Packed with zinc they’re great for testosterone production in both men and women. Yep, even with their naturally lower levels women need this testosterone kick too, plus oysters ramp up dopamine levels which again stimulates a juicy libido. 

Lucky they’re a notoriously sexy food, well worth the salty swallow ? 

2. Avocados 

A quick Google of this fatty nourishing food will show you the world wants to know if they’re a natural viagra, and helpful for menopause. The answer: yes to both. Rich in B6 they give good energy for women, and high in monounsaturated heart healthy fats they pump good strong blood flow around the phallic architecture of the male body for men. Speaking of which, the potassium content in avocados also works to counteract high blood pressure and low electrolytes, fending off libido’s one true nemesis: erectile disfunction. 

3. Almonds 

If we really want to have fun in the bedroom, and improve the quality of our orgasms, we need to get our hands on some nuts. Pardon the pun. 

Almonds in particular are renowned for being one of the best libido boosting snack foods on the planet. A tasty, efficient shot for sexual stamina (and overall health) thanks to high levels of vitamin E which encourage the production of sex hormones. 


4. Fruits  

It’s the vitamins and minerals for me. Fruits like figs and strawberries are bursting at the seams with them and the more we consume the more raw sexual energy we exude. Strawberries and their potent vitamin C make up have been fuelling sweetness in the bedroom for centuries, and figs with their high zinc make up are right up there with oysters and easier to swallow if you find those too unsavoury. Juices are great too, try pomegranate, aloe vera and watermelon and have fun quenching the real thirst.  

5. Chocolate  

It comes as no surprise to me that chocolate pits he’s in the mood for sex/craving sex. The reason we feel so happy when we eat it is the release of all those Feel Good serotonin and dopamine chemicals. Flooding our brains with good vibes the cocoa in chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that acts as a libido enhancing mood booster and increases our nitric oxide saturation, sending a rush if blood to the head. No, not that head. Stimulating, elevating mood and increasing sensation right where it counts for a sweet sexy kick to our desire levels.  

6. Supplements 

Modern medicine will tell you there are completely natural supplements that act as nature’s version of viagra. The great thing about them is that they’re discreet, easy to get your hands on and have less risky side effects. 

6 foods that will get you back to craving sex

Tribulus is a small, leafy, traditionally Chinese ayurvedic root that increases sex drive regardless of gender.  

You can add maca to your smoothie at any self respecting healthy eatery and it’s great for treating erectile dysfunction and combatting flagging sex drives. 

Fenugreek helps our bodies produce both estrogen and testosterone for improved strength and increased desire for sex. 

Good old ginkgo biloba is another blood flow stimulant and also tackles mood and energy levels for a larger appetite for everything from food to sex to life itself.  

Of course if we’re being really clever here we have to look at foods and behaviours to avoid as well as those to seek out and alcohol, smoking, coffee and processed food are high on the list.  

You probably already know this if consuming them makes you feel sluggish, lethargic or moody, so the real trick here is to pay close attention to what makes you feel amazing – and do more of that.

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