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Pleasure Your Lover Without Touching Their Genitals

Do you want to pleasure your lover?

Here precisely would it be advisable for you to contact a man in bed? While you could contend that any zone on a buddy’s body could be an erogenous zone whenever treated fittingly, there is proof that some particular zones are more worth focusing on than others with regards to joy. Regardless of whether this is on the grounds that these territories are packed with sensitive spots (like your ears for instance — who knew?!) others are on here basically on the grounds that they’re so frequently barely noticeable (when was the last time you ran your fingers through your person’s facial hair?)

Obviously, it’s not difficult to fail to remember that so a wide range of body parts can be erogenous zones, particularly when without giving it much thought disrobing your accomplice. Add in on the off chance that you’ve been together some time, understand what works for you both, and get into a similar daily practice of making-out-then-directly to-sex before bed, and you may be astounded how minimal these e-zones really get play. Show your accomplice some additional adoration by zeroing in on these spaces next an ideal opportunity to go really beyond anyone’s expectations.

The best way to pleasure your lover is through some of the following options…

Ear play. 

Whispering soft, seductive words into your lovers ear will have the hair on the nape of their neck stand at attention. You don’t even have to use words, you could purr, sigh, moan or even breathe deeply. 

Back tickles and scratches. 

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The entire back is such an underestimated erogenous zone. If you focus on the back area, alternating between tracing the spine using soft tickles and gentle scratches along the shoulder blades, you’ll get your lover moaning. You could even try biting around the neck and shoulders – that’s a favourite of mine. 

Foot Massage 

Massages in general are such a great way to get the juices flowing, especially if there’s lots of oil involved. Foot worship sessions are one of my absolute favourites. There’s nothing better than being gently massaged on my feet after a long day of wearing heels. When massaging, work the lower calves too with an upwards motion – you could even massage in-between the toes with your tongue if you like 😉

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